My Wordpress blog was a complete failure in terms of content and effort on my part. I blame part of this on the barrier of having to use Wordpress, which I find bloated and slow. I want to write blogs the same way I write code: in my text editor using git to keep track of changes, and deploying with a git push. I'm hoping most of my posts will involve a lot of code snippets, so being able to edit the posts in a proper programmer's text editor, in plain text, using Markdown is ideal.

I tried to get jekyll set up, but being a bit of a noob when it comes to stylesheets as well as Ruby, I just couldn't find the time to get the blog set up properly. This morning I read about Matt Gemmell's blog moving to Octopress, which seemed the best of both worlds. The simple ongoing use and management that jekyll provides, and with some additional scripts to set it all up for me.

I've gone and set it all up this afternoon, now to see if that means I actually have the time to write up posts!